Condominium Association Insurance for Hurricane Damage in Florida

Hurricanes are among the most powerful natural disasters on earth and can wreak havoc on your property if you’re not prepared. Living in Florida means being ready for hurricanes. If you live in a condominium, it’s important to know who will be responsible for damage caused by storms and natural disasters and what exactly they will cover.

Who is Responsible to Cover the Damage?

If your condo is damaged in a hurricane or storm, the condominium association will have to determine if it is an insurable event and who is responsible for what repairs. The association will first consult with its counsel and insurance agent and look towards the Condominium Act or Declaration of Condominium to arrive at a decision about repairs.

First and foremost, the question that must be answered is whether the damage was caused by a “casualty” event, which is described as a sudden, unexpected event, like a storm. If your condo was damaged in a hurricane, then it will most likely be considered a “casualty” event, meaning it is insurable.

After “casualty” events, the condo association is required to insure all damages to community buildings, and all property damages caused to building exteriors and interiors. They will also be responsible for fixing or replacing damage done within the walls of your unit, such as electrical fixtures, water heaters, counter tops, and windows.

Some tips after a storm

Although the condominium association is required to pay for damage caused by a storm, you should still take some steps to protect yourself. Here are some things you can do after a storm to assure your insurance claim goes smoothly:

  • Keep notes. Write down every interaction with insurance agents, including names, dates and what was discussed. Also, detail expenses that you incurred because of the damage, such as hotel and restaurant bills, when you were unable to stay in your home.
  • Document everything. Take photos and videos of all the damage to your home and property.
  • Don’t discard anything until it has been documented and you’ve checked with your insurance agent first.

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