How to Know if You Have the Right Amount of Homeowner Insurance

People purchase homeowner insurance to feel safe and to make sure their home will be covered in the event of a natural disaster. Especially in states like Florida where hurricanes are common, buying enough homeowner’s insurance is incredibly important to protect your assets and financial future. You don’t want to find out after a disaster that your home isn’t covered because you made a mistake or weren’t paying attention when you purchased insurance.

Shopping for Homeowner Insurance in Florida

Buying homeowner’s insurance is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a homeowner, so it’s important to shop around and make a good decision when purchasing homeowner’s insurance. Knowing some common mistakes to avoid can also be helpful.

Here are some common mistakes people make when purchasing homeowner’s insurance in Florida:

  • Letting price dictate everything. Price is important but buying the cheapest insurance plan could cost you big bucks down the line if something happens to your home and it’s not sufficiently insured. Don’t just look at the price but examine the details of the plan.
  • Not understanding what is covered and what isn’t. Buying homeowner insurance can be a complicated process and the language is not always easy to understand. Review your plan carefully. If you have trouble understanding your insurance policy and the insurance agent is not helping, it may be wise to consult an attorney or insurance expert to explain it to you. Never buy a plan you don’t understand.
  • Assuming flood insurance is included.Most home insurance does not include flood insurance. You should consider shopping for flood insurance separately, especially if you live in area that experiences frequent storms or hurricanes.

How to Know if You are Under Insured

What if your house is completely devastated in a storm? Is the full cost of the house covered, or did you only buy insurance to cover what you still owe the mortgage company? Also, if you’ve made renovations to your house since buying homeowner insurance, then you need to contact your insurance agent and update your plan or purchase a new plan that reflects the current value of your home.

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