Buying a Storm Damaged Home in Florida

In Florida, it’s common for homes to have suffered through multiple storms and even hurricanes. If you are considering buying a home in Florida, it is your responsibility as a homebuyer to assess all damage before making a purchase. You should also familiarize yourself with the history of damages and repairs made to the house. Otherwise unexpected problems could rise to the surface down the line and you will be responsible for fixing them.

The Loss History Report for Florida Homeowners

A document that can help you when buying a home is called a loss history report, which is a record of the history of insurance losses associated with a property. There are two property claim databases that contain loss history reports on claims filed within the last seven years. When buying a home, you can ask the homeowner to provide you with a copy of a loss history report. Unfortunately, prospective buyers cannot request them on their own.

As is customary, you should also have the house inspected. But be aware, most inspectors will only be able to check on the surface. Mold, wood rot and corrosion of wires could still be lurking inside the house.

Questions to Ask the Realtor and Homeowner

Knowing what questions to ask the realtor and homeowner, especially if you’re buying in an area that is commonly hit with storms, is also important. Listed below are some helpful questions to ask:

  • Was the home flooded? If so, how much water came in and for how long did it sit in the home?
  • What was damaged and how was it fixed?
  • Was the home cleaned of mold?
  • Was the wiring checked?
  • Was the frame checked for wood rot?
  • Are there receipts for the work and inspections that were performed?

If you do decide to buy a storm-damaged home, then you can’t ask enough questions and do enough research beforehand. You want to know what you’re potentially getting yourself into and understand the risks.

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