The Basics of Proof of Loss in Florida

If your home or property has been damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster or hurricane in Florida, you will likely be required to submit a property loss claim to your insurer. This document is a formal statement that details the circumstances surrounding the loss of your property.

Here is a list of some of the information you may need to submit for a proof of loss claim in Florida:

  • Proof of ownership
  • An estimate of property loss and documents that support your estimate
  • A statement about the cause and date of the loss
  • The parties claiming the loss and people who have interest in the claim

A proof of loss is usually the most important document in the property claims process, so it should not be taken lightly. What you include on your form can dictate the course of your claim and have a huge effect on your settlement.

What to Know about Proof of Loss in Florida

The proof of loss statement is an important document. If you are unsure about how to go about it, consider consulting an experienced insurance attorney in Florida for help. Some other important things to consider if you’ve been asked to submit a proof of loss report are:

  • Be on time. If your insurance company notifies you to submit a sworn statement, than you have 60 days from the date it was requested. Failing to submit your statement on time could be grounds for dismissing your claim.
  • Be honest and thorough. If you have been asked to file a proof of loss statement, know that insurance companies are going to examine it for any irregularities or misrepresentation of facts. Make sure all the dates, times, estimates, and details in your proof of loss are accurate. Any mistakes on your part can be grounds for the insurance company to deny your claim.
  • Get a second opinion on your claim. Perhaps the most important part of the process is making an accurate claim as to the value of damages to your property. Who are you relying on to provide an estimate? It’s always best to get a second professional opinion, or third, and be sure your claim is accurate.

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