Do You Have a Hurricane Evacuation Plan Ready?

If you are new to Florida or unsure what steps to take, the state of Florida has a variety of resources available online to help you with your evacuation plan. Remember, having a serious evacuation plan in place is the best way to protect your family and your property in the event that a hurricane arrives.

Five Things You Should Never Do During a Hurricane Insurance Claim

Whether it was Irene, Harvey, Irma, Maria, Florence or Michael, if you live in Florida, you probably were affected by a hurricane during the last couple of years. These recent hurricanes did serious damage to property. Even if you have prepared for the storm and have insurance, what you do after the storm can make a big difference in how your hurricane insurance claim is handled.

How Long Do I Have to File a Hurricane Claim in Florida?

When a hurricane destroys everything you have worked so hard to achieve, an insurance settlement can mean the difference between rebuilding and finding a new home. However, with experienced legal help, you can fight back against insurers and obtain the money you rightfully deserve. But, in order to file a successful claim, you need to act quickly. In fact, according to Florida statute 627.70132, if you wish to file a claim, supplemental claim, or reopened claim under an insurance policy for property damage caused by a hurricane, you must do so within 3 years of the date that the storm first made landfall.

Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida on September 10, 2017, it was classified as a Category 4. The storm caused catastrophic damage to houses and commercial structures alike, knocking out power for millions and flooding coastal cities. Wind levels were between 130 and 156 miles per hour and even the sturdiest structures experienced roof and structural damage. If your home was affected by Hurricane Irma, an insurance settlement can help you make the necessary repairs.

How to File an Insurance Claim After a Florida Hurricane

Part of living in Florida is learning to live with unpredictable and sometimes frightening weather. With wind speeds capable of reaching more than 156 miles per hour, hurricanes are devastating acts of nature that can destroy buildings in a matter of minutes. If your home was damaged or destroyed during a hurricane, you may feel homeless, uprooted, and lost. However, an insurance settlement can help you repair, rebuild, and start a new life. Here are a few tips on filing a Florida insurance claim after a hurricane.