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Motor vehicle accidents are common and range from minor to severe– however, even minor car accidents can cause injuries that result in high medical costs and lost wages.

If you or someone you love are injured in a motor vehicle accident, the experience can be devastating.

One of the most important things you can do after a car crash is to consult with a compassionate attorney who is prepared to zealously fight for your rights and best interests.

There are numerous steps an attorney can help you take which should be addressed immediately in the hours and days following a collision. Working together, we can mitigate potentially unfavorable consequences for both you and your family.

Get the Legal Help You Need After Any Collision

Johnson & Williams has significant experience with motor vehicle accidents of all types. We can assist you with bringing forward a claim for financial compensation after:

Each unique type of collision has its own set of rules and precedents in court, making the expertise of an attorney absolutely invaluable to your case. At Johnson &Williams, we are committed to going above and beyond the norm and strive to provide our clients with personalized and caring legal support through all stages of a car accident claim.

You Deserve Strong Legal Representation

One of the most frustrating aspects of a car accident can be dealing with an insurance claim. Often, insurers will extend an accident victim the smallest initial settlement possible, in hopes that the victim will agree to the settlement and save the insurance company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, all this does is shortchange the victim, depriving them of the funds they need to cover all the damages related to the accident.

You should never accept the first settlement that is offered by an insurance company without consulting a seasoned accident lawyer first. Take advantage of our expertise at Johnson and Williams– we can validate a fair settlement, or let you know when you may be entitled to more.

The Johnson, and Williams Difference

Many large law firms use investigators or caseworkers to meet with a client initially and sort out the facts of the case. At our firm, we believe your case deserves an attorney from the very start, and when you schedule an appointment with us, you’ll meet your attorney right away.

We will thoroughly investigate your case to determine what the best course of action may be based on the unique circumstances surrounding the accident you or your loved one were involved in. By communicating with insurance companies and medical professionals on your behalf, we give you time to recover and peace of mind, while we create the strongest case possible.

Whether you settle outside of court or pursue litigation in order to secure the maximum amount of compensation available in your case, we’ll continue to provide you with high quality, dedicated legal services for as long as necessary. By keeping you well-informed, you will always know where you stand and what your legal options are for moving forward.

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