Dog Bites

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Orlando Dog Bite Lawyers

A dog bite injuries can range from minor to severe, and can potentially lead to expensive medical bills, surgery, and a long recovery time that requires you to miss work.

If you have received a bite from someone else’s dog, the owner may be liable for your medical bills and possible other damages.

If you have been victim to a dog bite injury in Florida, you will undoubtedly need an Orlando dog bite lawyer to help explore the facts of your case and determine whether the dog’s owner might be at fault for your injury. An Orlando dog bite lawyer will help you determine whether the owner was legally negligent, and whether you should pursue that claim in court.

Understanding Negligence In Dog Bite Cases

Dog bites are a particular type of personal injury where the owner may be at fault for controlling the dog, leading you to become bitten. If the dog was out of control and bit you through no fault of your own, then the owner may be legally at fault for your injuries because he or she was negligent in the ‘handling’ of the animal. It may be clear to you that the owner was at fault, but determining negligence in a legal context can be more difficult. Your Orlando dog bite lawyer will need to show that the owner had a responsibility to protect you from harm, that he or she failed in that responsibility, and that you were bitten as a result. A skilled Orlando dog bite lawyer will understand the legal issues surrounding a dog bite case and differentiating it from a typical personal injury claim.

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