Experienced Orlando Paternity Lawyers

Orlando Paternity Lawyers

Paternity questions can complicate families and relationships until they are properly resolved.

That resolution may be difficult, particularly if one or more parties choose to refuse a paternity test.

The legal issues involved here are complex, so finding a definitive answer can require assistance from an Orlando paternity lawyer. An Orlando paternity lawyer can get court orders for paternity tests, helping resolve uncertainty for your family.

There are many reasons why one might seek a paternity test. Perhaps you’re a mother trying to support a child, burdened with a father who won’t acknowledge his child to avoid paying support. You might also be a father who suspects a child he’s raising is not his biological son or daughter. Whatever your role, our team of Orlando paternity lawyers will develop a custom solution for you.

After Settling The Paternity Question

Finding a child’s father rarely solves all relevant legal issues. If an absent father discovers he has children, he may want to take custody of them, launching the entire family into a fierce custody dispute. He may try to avoid paying child support, forcing the mother to take him to court in order to support the family. Whatever the situation, it is always wise to have an Orlando paternity lawyer who is well-versed with these types of issues. A good Orlando paternity lawyer will help guide you from the beginning, using a thorough command of the relevant local and national law to advise you.

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The Orlando paternity lawyers at Johnson, & Williams P.A. have helped many Florida families resolve paternity based disputes. Our lawyers are experienced and available to help with a variety of other domestic disputes, including custody negotiations, child support disputes, and more. This allows us to be an effective advisor to you regardless of how the case develops. Our team of Orlando paternity lawyers will do our utmost to provide smooth advice, helping you and your family find the best solutions with the least stress.

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