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The wind is responsible for some of the most horrendous damage to homes and commercial structures in Florida.

With hurricane speeds capable of surpassing 156 miles per hour, roofs and shingles simply do not stand a chance.

At Johnson, & Williams P.A., our lawyers work diligently to help Florida homeowners obtain reimbursement for wind damage.

No matter if your house is pelted by hail, saturated in water, or battered by a hurricane, we are determined to help you with your bad weather insurance claim.

How wind can cause serious damage to Florida homes

Rain and hail can cause serious damage to residential buildings and other structures. However, when it comes to natural disasters, the wind is by far the most devastating. In many situations, all three of these elements combine to wreak havoc on entire neighborhoods. Generally, wind affects a home in three different ways:

  • Roof: During a storm or hurricane, the strength of the wind will ultimately determine the severity of roof damage. A minor storm may cause bent or cracked shingles. More serious winds can tear shingles or even an entire roof from a structure.
  • Windows: When the wind is strong enough, it can blow out all the windows in a building. Skylights may also be damaged or destroyed. When evaluating wind damage to your home, be sure to look for cracks or chips in window glass.
  • Siding: After a storm subsides, you should inspect the siding of your house for damage. Look for missing or severely broken shingles. Remember, wind can carry and hurl large debris against the side of your home.

Damage to roofing, siding, or windows must be repaired immediately to prevent water damage. If you need help navigating insurance law or filing a wind damage claim in Florida, contact a reputable attorney.

Contesting a storm damage settlement in Florida

If your home was damaged by wind, and your insurer has offered you a reduced settlement you have the right to contest the offer. Our lawyers can carefully review the facts of your case, gather evidence, and help you negotiate a settlement that accurately reflects the damage to your home.

Orlando hurricane damage lawyers protect your best interests

Johnson, & Williams P.A., is dedicated to helping Floridians file hurricane damage claims with confidence. If your home has been damaged by wind, hail, or water, call (407) 245-1268 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer at our Orlando office today.