Our Areas of Expertise

Insurance Disputes

When you purchase insurance, you are intending to protect yourself in the event of any future problems. It’s meant to be an added layer of security, a protection that comforts you and makes your life easier when you need it most.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance claims include many different types of insurance claims, ranging from damage claims to personal injury and uninsured motorist claims.

Hurricane Claims

When Florida is hit by a hurricane, the entire state braces for bad news while the damage is assessed – including the companies that insure Florida’s coastal properties.

Hail / Wind / Water

Living in Florida provides a wonderful lifestyle, but occasionally hazardous weather can put your real estate investments at risk.

Fire Insurance

Fire is one of the most common, and potentially overlooked threats to every home, so all properties should be insured for it. Fires can be started in a number of ways, ranging from natural disasters like lightning to man-made liabilities like electrical fires.

Property Damage

Property damage insurance can apply to many different scenarios, unfortunately this can make an accurate property damage settlement difficult to determine.

Hurricane Insurance Lawyers who fight for your full and fair compensation

Hurricanes and storms, such as Irma and Harvey, leave a devastating path of destruction behind them. For the families affected, it can change their lives forever. The force of wind gusts, along with flooding and hail can cause heavy damage to home and businesses alike, leading to loss of property and – occasionally – even displacement.

While ideally homeowners and property insurance should cover the damages, when natural disasters hit, they may overwhelm the company´s claim adjusters. Dealing with such a high volume of claims may lead to discrimination towards your specific claim. The result is often a high number of rejected claims that should be accepted, or inadequate payouts.

These occurrences are simply unacceptable to those who are already dealing with the physical, emotional and financial toll of a natural disaster. If your home has been hit by any kind of storm it is critical that you have someone by your side who is willing to fight for your rights and your full compensation under the law.

By working with an attorney who is well versed in storm insurance claims and who knows how to deal with insurance companies, you can increase the chances that your claim will be successful and you will receive the financial restitution that you deserve in order to rebuild your home.

Expert Storm Insurance Representation

At Johnson and Williams, we believe your case requires expert evaluation from the very beginning to ensure you receive the protection and justice afforded to you under the law. We know that fighting against large insurance companies can seem overwhelming and even impossible, especially in the wake of a natural disaster, but we’re committed to providing each of our valued clients and their families with the personalized and zealous legal representation they need to succeed.

As a leader in Florida insurance representation, we utilize our expertise and professionalism to give each of our clients the individualized attention necessary to help build their case to be as strong as possible in the face of staunch opposition. When you work with our experienced attorneys, you can be confident that your case is being expertly handled . Your needs, concerns, and questions are our top priority and will be continually addressed with care and kindness. 

The Johnson and Williams Approach

Many large law firms use case workers or investigators to weed out people who don’t have a case or whose case may not be lucrative enough for the firm. We simply don’t operate that way. When you schedule a time to come to our office, you can be confident that you will meet with one of our attorneys right away.

We’ll thoroughly evaluate your case to let you know where you stand and what we can do to help you overcome the devastation you have suffered at the hands of a natural disaster. We believe that each case deserves to be heard and that each victim deserves effective legal representation.