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If your house sustained water damage because of a burst pipe, leaky roof, hurricane or storm surge, contact your insurance agent immediately.

Depending on the circumstances of your case and your policy, you may be entitled to receive a significant settlement.

At Johnson & Williams P.A., we take great pride in helping Florida residents file insurance claims so that they can rebuild their homes. Whether your home was damaged because of torrential rain or a broken water heater, you can count on us to protect your rights and help you achieve a fair insurance settlement.

Water damage compensation claims

Before assessing water damage, it is essential that you review your homeowner’s insurance policy. Depending on your coverage, certain types of damage may not be covered. For example, most standard policies do not cover damage from sewage backups, unless purchased separately. Next, to determine the cause and extent of damage, follow these steps:

  • Locate the source: If the cause of the water damage is not immediately apparent, try to determine where the water is coming from. For example, you may be able to trace the leak back to a hole in your roof caused by a falling tree branch.
  • Take photographs: Next, you should photograph the source as well as any damage caused by the water.
  • Contact your insurer: When it comes to water damage insurance, different policies can address varying types of water damage. You need to talk to your insurer to find out if your policy covers the specific type of water damage your house has sustained.
  • Seek legal help: Dealing with insurers can be difficult, especially when your home has substantial water damage. If you encounter resistance while trying to receive compensation for your legitimate claim, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer as quickly as possible.

Faulty appliances, broken pipes, storms, and cracked retaining walls can cause catastrophic water damage to houses and other structures. An insurance settlement can get you the money you need to rebuild and improve your home.

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